A native of Los Angeles, Justin is in love with his native city… and has proven it with, to date, with Six versions of Los Angeles the Song. It’s an upbeat love song to his city… one that resonates with many who view his videos on all platforms of social media… with well over 11 Million viewers on You Tube Justin Chart has written the Anthem for Los Angeles.

Chart is a musician with something to say, and his intelligent, deeply-felt lyrics and soaring beautiful melodies combine to create tunes that touch the listener in a powerful way. His well-crafted rock and pop songs relate positive messages of hope and strength amidst times of turmoil and hardship, stressing the importance of love and spirit and remaining true to oneself above everything else.

Justin’s music has a freshness and originality to it that plants it firmly in the present, and yet reminds the listener of the depth of feeling and social relevance of influential music from earlier decades.

It is not easy to create music that effectively unites the powerful charge of unbridled energy with the tender emotions of the heart and soul, but Justin Chart is a unique artist with a rare talent for making magical music.

Los Angeles The Song

Los Angeles The Song is an anthem for a city alive with spirit. Our mission is to remind the world that love, faith, and joy are essential. We accomplish our vision through the power of music, the universal language. We have a commitment to change the world by capturing the feeling of Los Angeles and all of its cultural diversities. What we stand for and are achieving through song, is building bridges across different cultures, ages, abilities, races, and religions. These upbeat odes are written for Los Angeles to share our strengths and loyalty between all Angelenos, and all who have made Los Angeles their home. Our words have already reached the hearts and ears of government officials, international artists of all genres, and Millions of people around the world. We ask you to be part of something born of Pride, Power and Passion.