As the Storm gathers from near and far, feel the Power and Passion, with an open Mind and an open Heart. Come with us as we free your mind to Whirl like the Wandering Lustful Wind”

I am Proud to be Endorsing Roberto’s Winds Reeds!!

We need to be able to count on our Reeds on a moments notice and feel secure they are going to “Have our Back”.

Every reed out of a Roberto’s Winds box is, and always has been “perfect” They are all good ones. Every One of them!! They are the finest reeds on the planet!!

We are here to touch your soul and give you a way to Feel what you have never had before.

The Elements of The Storm gather once again in an
upheaval of sight and sound with a rhythm profound.


“Despite the quarantine the music must go on. The elements of the storm gather, even while miles apart, in a collaboration of art and passion”

The Jazz You’ve Been Waiting For is HERE

COLORSTORM is an unquenchable Force of Energy and Nature.
Forever changing, reaching out from within.

We are a team of Truth, giving all who listen the sound that is our soul to create a vibration and self interpretation in the moment, never to be heard in the same way again.

We paint a Soundscape. that can only happen with the connection of open minds and open hearts. We play without constructs, we are able to share right here, and right now with you. Our creations, a Spark of nature enables luminous artists to shine and bring the listener a sound of our Soul.

COLORSTORM is recorded LIVE, and in one take in Los Angeles.
I am honored to have been chosen as Musical Ambassador for Wildlife Warriors Worldwide and the Australia Zoo Foundation.
Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors was established in 2002 by Steve and Terri Irwin as a way for compassionate and caring people to support the protection of injured, threatened or endangered wildlife.


As a lifelong supporter of animal rights, it is my privilege to support them by raising money to help care for wildlife injured in the Australian wildfires.


Proceeds from this album shall be donated to Australia Zoo, run by Bindi Sue Irwin, the daughter of the legendary Steve Irwin. A nonprofit which provides care to animals injured in the Australian Wildfires.


May the open heartedness & generosity of spirit which created the Soundscapes of this album inspire you to extend your heart and help support wildlife injured in the fires.


Please donate with me to:

Justin, a Trailblazer of the Modern West Coast Free-Jazz Sound, has a unique edge, the vibe is instantly seductive and familiar, he is known in West Coast Jazz circles as “The Blizzard”. because of his explosive playing and intricate compositional changes.

With a harmonic edge deeply rooted in the jazz lineage, musical expressions stand out as distinctly modern in color and style.

A Saxophonist, composer, producer, and vocalist Justin Chart likes to play by his own rules. He’s a visionary who has learned to listen to inner voice. Steeped in tradition and grounded in the lessons learned from Life, Justin is not afraid to push himself and his art forward. A true Renaissance man reaffirms this credo on his 5th album as a leader and an Innovator. His band’s current release COLORSTORM is in the ITunes top 10 releases of 2020.



I am Shreddin through Jazz Charts and recording sessions using Bari Woodwind Elite Reeds on Alto & Baritone Saxophone.


Sennheiser and our Artists Spotlight is proud to announce the addition of Singer-Songwriter Justin Chart to our Artists roster.


I an officially Endorsing Breedlove Guitars, the name Breedlove says it all! !



Melodic and Powerful Pop songs as well as Instrumentals from the dawn of my career.

The mighty light of the sun, the quenching refreshing rain, the wind at your back, the clouds peer in then disappear in skies of blue and grey, painted with clouds of silver and white to grey, as pinks, reds, oranges frame the days; giving us time to reflect and dream awhile.

A Storm is Coming
Take Shelter…


We take you into the future of Los Angeles with this energy driven EDM version that features a look at Los Angeles, as we set our sights on a positive goal of eliciting empathy about life in this beautiful city, as well as encouraging people to appreciate the beauty of music.

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